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Symmco has in house capabilities to fully process SMC materials from compaction to electromagnetic testing. With production equipment designed specifically for SMC materials, we can provide any type that you choose for your application.
What are soft magnetic composites?

The metal powders that form the basis of SMCs consist of high-purity iron particles individually coated with an electrically insulating coating. The powder metallurgy process combines with the powder’s specific properties to create parts with three-dimensional magnetic properties.

More and more motor designers are considering the performance, form factor and cost benefits of SMCs for magnetic motor components. However, the range of available materials and design options may appear discouraging.

You can count on Symmco’s experience in powder metal manufacturing in general and with SMCs for motor components in particular to help lead the way. They can discuss your manufacturing process, part options, material selections and other questions you may have about designing with SMCs.

Improved Magnetic Performance

Improved Physical Design

Improved Assembly


Well-suited applications are those where higher torque is required. In most cases, motors are used where gearing was previously required. If size, weight and efficiency are critical, the importance of the SMC motor technology is greater yet.

Electrical actuators

High torque to replace gear reduction or hydraulics
E-bikes, scooters, smaller vehicles
Benefits from lightweight, high torque, and high efficiency
Larger fans
High torque allows for directly driving loads that previously required gears
Drones and small manned aircraft
high torque and lightweight allowing larger and more efficient thrust generation, while at the same time allowing slow speeds for quieter propellers
Direct drives for machines
Higher torque can shrink current motor design and increase the capabilities of equipment
Wheel motors
Replacing gears or reducing weight while improving efficiency, strongly improves wheel motor applications
High torque allows for directly driving loads that previously required gears, while having higher precision
Robotic vehicles
High torque allows for directly driving loads that previously required gears


Equipment and Processing Capabilities

Compaction temperature controllers
Electronic die temperature controllers using specified water flow rates to maintain a target temperature +/-1° up to 195°F.
Heat treatment
Furnace equipment specifically designed for processing all SMC materials including Somaloy 1P, 3P, and 5P.
Toroidal winding equipment
Automated toroid winding equipment for quick and consistent coils to ensure accurate magnetic testing.
Magnetic Testing
Computer controlled equipment for fully automated recording and analysis of DC and AC hysteresis loops up to 20kHz.

SMC’s may be the best solution for your electrical motor

Soft Magnetic Composite (SMC)material utilizes pressed andthermally-treated powder metalto produce components with 3Dmagnetic properties. These encapsulatediron powder particles are compacted to form uniform isotropic components with complex shapes in a single step.

The use of these materials makes innovative electrical machine designs technologically viable.

Material Benefits
  • Lower electrical losses result in greater efficiency at lower RPM
  • Compact direct drive motors able to replace hydraulics or gear boxes in a smaller space with less cost and longer life
  • Scalable designs for applications such as e-mobility, wheel motors, actuators, industrial fans, and pumps
  • Robust component construction using fewer parts to reduce cost and improve reliability with no maintenance
  • Less noise, less heat, higher power, increased productivity, more capabilities, and higher efficiency


  • Unprecedented efficiency at low rpm
High Torque
  • 60 Nm/kg peak
  • 27.5 Nm/kg continuous
  • 170mm OD frameless motor

Light Weight

  • 1/5th the weight of competing electric motors
    *Compared to similar motors produced by leading competitors such as Kollmorgen, Dana TM4, & Parker Hannafin

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